Vision Statements

“Glorifying God by Welcoming to Fellowship, Growing in Faith, Sending to Serve.”


The first major purpose of ministry is to make disciples.  Personal discipleship is a primary evidence of the health and vitality of our congregation.  We are committed to excellence in communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant, accurate, clear, and practical manner.  Through a deliberate strategy for developing spiritual disciplines, all age groups will study the truths of God’s Word, will mature in their relationship to Jesus Christ, will be equipped to serve and minister to others, and be prepared to apply Biblical principles in every area of their daily lives.  This will be done through a variety of classes, small groups, individual study, one-on-one mentoring, special programs, and training opportunities.  To maintain the health and vitality of our church we will continually develop and train leaders for all areas of ministry.

Service and Ministry

With a servant’s heart, each believer will be empowered by the church to channel their God given gifts, talents, passions, and resources into ministry and service to others as tangible evidence of their faith in God.  This will be done through the ministries and programs within our church and around the world, and as each person actively reaches out and demonstrates God’s love and compassion in their home, workplace, and community.  Included will be ministries that provide Biblically based support and instruction in important areas of daily living, for those who hurt spiritually, emotionally or physically, and for those going through critical times of their lives. 


Fellowship is the cornerstone of the communal life of the church. It is through fellowship that we provide a sense of community, and give new people ways to be integrated into the life of the church.  As we assemble together for worship, ministry, and a variety of social events we will develop and maintain meaningful, Christ centered friendships across all generations.  It is through these relationships that support and encouragement are provided during the joys and trials of life.  Genuine hospitality is demonstrated by opening our lives and homes to others in the congregation.  Through our shared faith in Jesus Christ we will develop oneness and unity within this community of believers.


In worship we glorify and express our love for God at all times and in all places as we seek to celebrate His presence.  This is done through prayer, music, Bible reading, professing personal faith, preaching, giving, ministering the sacraments, and other gifts that God has given to use for His glory.  Public services are warm and welcoming, utilizing a variety of worship formats and music that are responsive to the needs of our congregation and the community to be served.  The Word is preached to reach people for Christ, and to equip believers to live out their faith in their daily lives.  True worship results in a personal response to God.     


In obedience to the Great Commission we will, both individually and corporately, be visible and viable witnesses of God’s love in our words, actions, and lifestyles.  We will reach out to the un-churched in our community, addressing cultural diversity in how people perceive the church, their understanding of truth, and receptivity to the gospel.  We will identify and focus on specific target groups that can be most effectively reached by the gifts and resources found within our congregation.  Biblically based programs and practices will be adopted that will most effectively introduce people to Jesus Christ, and assimilate them into our fellowship.  We will be a strong mission minded church through our active and generous support of missionaries and outreach programs locally and around the world.